10 Things You Should Try In Phuket

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There is an endless amount of adventures to be had in Phuket, but here are the ten things you need to experience before leaving the island. 

  1. Bangla Road 

This is the ultimate nightlife street in Phuket and you have to experience it at least once. There are so many bars and clubs to check out but I suggest New York Live Music for amazing cocktails and Illuzion for clubbing, ranked 13th best club in the world. Watch your belongings closely here and be very aware of women following you to get your attention, this is a common scam

  1. Rent a Longtail Boat and go Island hopping or Snorkeling 

Boat tours are one of the best ways to explore Phuket. This is an activity that will be much cheaper to book in person than online. You can go for a sunset tour or day tour. I suggest renting a snorkel and bringing it with you if you want to see some amazing fish and ocean life. 

(Freedom Beach)

  1. Freedom Beach or Naiharn Beach 

Freedom beach is arguably one of the most beautiful beaches on the whole island, but to see it you need to go on a bit of a hike through the jungle. If you’re looking for a jaw dropping beach with no hike required head over to Naiharn Beach for white sands and stunning waters. 

  1. Old Town, Phuket 

If possible try to come on a Sunday evening to check out the walking street market. This is also so fun during the day to walk around with tons of shopping, restaurants, and bars. Bann 92 is my favorite coffee shop in old town if you’re looking for a pick me up. 

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  1. Ma Doo Bua Cafe, Lily Pad Cafe 

Want a fun lunch experience? Ma Doo Bua has the craziest lily pads that will make all your instagram followers jealous. Go around 2pm to try to avoid the crowds. 

  1. Go To A Night Market 

Do not deprive yourself of Thai Street Food! A night market is one of the best places to experience it. I suggest checking out Chillva Market (Monday To Saturday 5pm – 11pm) and Phuket Walking Street (Sundays 4pm – 10pm).  Bangla Night Market is also cool but a bit more of a tourist vibe. 

(Via Cafe Del Mar Beach Club Website

  1. Go Beach Clubbing 

Start your night with sunset at one of these beach clubs and get the party going. I love these two beach clubs for a tropical night out: Kudo Beach Club / Cafe Del Mar

  1. Elephant Sanctuary 

Interacting with elephants in Thailand is a once in a lifetime experience. Make sure you go to a place that treats them well so you can support them having long happy lives. One of my favorites is Phuket Elephant Nature Reserve. The experience of feeding and hanging out with elephants here is once in a lifetime. 

  1. Big Buddha 

No photo can truly do the Big Buddha statue justice, you just have to see it for yourself. I highly suggest showing up around sunset for one of the prettiest views. Also make sure you are dressed appropriately, no beachwear, no shoulders, and knees covered or you won’t be allowed in. 

  1. Get A Massage 

There is a reason Thai massages are famous worldwide. Take advantage of the unbeatable prices here and get a massage to recover from your travels or a night out. Your average Thai massage should last about two hours and be priced between 300 and 500 baht.  priced between 300 and 500 baht.

Tips To Keep In Mind: 

  • Download Bolt or Grab for cheap rides, I don’t suggest trying to drive. 
  • Check the dress code for temples to avoid having to pay for an outfit on the spot. 
  • Wait to book activities in person, it’s much cheaper.  
  • Do not ride the elephants and only support ethical sanctuaries. 
  • Don’t miss out on the street food. 
  • Do not touch people’s heads! It’s considered the ultimate sign of disrespect.

Written By: Tara Katims for Abroadeez

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