The Magic of Marrakesh

Morocco is a destination that truly has the ability to cater to every type of traveler.  Lose yourself in vibrant bazaars brimming with intricate rugs, refresh in rejuvenating hammam rituals, and embark on thrilling desert escapades, where camel rides and sand dune surfing await those seeking adventure. Generally the best times to visit are outside…

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Weekend Getaways While Abroad

One of the best parts of living in Europe for a semester is the easy access to explore other cities on the weekends. Traveling within Europe is not only extremely affordable, but a great way to take advantage of the close proximity of so many incredible countries. Here is my top advice on planning some…

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Your Guide to Thanksgiving Abroad 

      (Royalty Free Thanksgiving Image)  Being in a new place during the Holidays can feel strange. I was worried studying abroad during Thanksgiving would mean missing out on my favorite dishes and that feeling of holiday spirit. However, it ended up being one of the most fun nights of our semester with tons…

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