TRIP SERVICES- Vienna Tours, Day Time Drivers, Entry to Museums, Spanish Riding , and all tours


Travel Services




  • Semesters or summer abroad or full time abroad
  • Covid Ready Forms and Protocols
  • Expert weekend trip planning all budgets
  • Concierge level housing placement abroad for additional fee of $450.00 per flat split
  • Missed flights,boarding passes, seats , luggage processing
  • Live itinerary app to share with your parents
  • London, Florence, Prague, Madrid, Sydney, Tokyo & More
  • Access to “A” rated customized travel medical & trip plans
  • Essential travel forms HIPPA, POA & more
  • Dinner reservations, special occasions, private excursions
  • Feel like a VIP. We gotcha covered.
  • This is a non refundable membership. Semesters abroad cancelled or interrupted for covid can not be refunded. We are your travel planners for the semester not your travel agents.
  • Please note that if you request a trip and the research is worked on, options presented , and you decide not to take theatric a $50.00 split fee will be charged to the group. Flights only will be charge $30.00 per flight. Round Trip with same booking is $30.00.
  • Please note, to offer the best pricing invoices are not provided. All bookings are sold as packages with pre approved budgets by the student. Experiences or car transfer bookings only will not be added to Itinerary App and will be charged by city. If pre approval is not requested by the student for pricing of transfers or tours they will not be quoted. Flights only requests is not part of your membership and will include a booking fee of $50.00 per flight. Flights will be booked no charge with a weekend package.
  • By purchasing this membership, and signing the cc authorization form, you acknowledge responsibility for all bookings  you request during the semester in whats app, and therefore those requested  charges may not be disputed.



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