3 budget-friendly cities to visit in 2020

As the weather gets cooler and summer comes to an end, it’s time we took a long, hard look and our credit card history and assess the damage that our vacation spending habits have done to our bank accounts. But you don’t have to wait until summer rolls around again to get back out there and experience new destinations! Here are three budget-friendly cities to put on your bucket-list for next year.

Nestled into the northern coast of Cuba, Havana is known for its amazing beaches and exciting nightlife. Plus, since it’s located in the eastern hemisphere, you’ll save a ton of cash on airfare!

Free excursion idea: take yourselves on a self-guided walking tour of downtown Havana and marvel at all of the vintage cars and bright facades. You’re bound to get a ton of good snaps for Instagram!

2. Budapest, Hungary

Known for its thermal springs and bath houses, Budapest is sure to help you relax after the spring semester ends. For a small fee, travelers can take advantage of the Budapest Card, which offers free use of the whole public transport system and discounted entry to the thermal baths and some museums.

Free excursion idea: spend an evening climbing up Castle Hill and take in the amazing view of the Danube once you reach the top. If the sun happens to set while you’re up there, even better!

3. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in Europe, meaning it’s filled with quaint buildings and a ton of character. You’ll be happy to hear that the average price of a glass of wine at the city’s many wine bars is only three euros. Lisbon also happens to be the European city that gets the most sun, and since the city was built across seven different hills, finding perfect lighting during golden hour will be a breeze.

Free excursion idea: head to Jadrim do Principe Real for some people-watching in between lunch and dinner. You can take in the sights while sitting under the shade of the famous cypress tree, which is over 100 years old.

Still looking to get away but can’t spend more than a hundred bucks? Try road-tripping somewhere more local that you’ve never been before. You’d be surprised by what’s hiding in your own back yard!

Which of these three cities will you be adding to your bucket-list next year? Let us know if there are any cities that we missed!

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